Flat Roof Repair

With so many years of offering quality flat roof repair, our team of expert roofing technicians will quickly diagnose the problem with your roof and provide an affordable solution to get it fixed as soon as possible.

What are signs my roof needs repair?

It’s not just about leaks! When looking at roofs that need repaired most homeowners notice problems with water coming into their home but that’s not the only indication that your roof needs work. Other indications include shingles turning brown or black, cracks in the asphalt (shingle) material and missing or broken tiles on a roof with tile installed.

Also if you see any uninvited guests – such as crows, pigeons, raccoons and squirrels looking for shelter from the elements on top of your house then there may be issues!

When you notice the following in a flat roof, then it is time for flat roof repair:

  • Cracked, curled or broken roofing material
  • Leaks in the roof deck seams
  • Curled seam edges

There are many kinds of damage that can be done to your roof. Some of them we see regularly and others not so much. If a storm has just occurred, then there is more chance for shingle loss due to strong winds – sometimes as high as 50%. For this reason, it’s important to have an inspection after any heavy storm event; if you notice any visible problems with your shingles such as missing pieces, cracks or tears near the edge or end tab then they should be repaired before another major rainstorm occurs. An inspector will also know what type of damage may have been caused by hail during these storms as it can leave dents, dimples and even holes in your roof.

Roof Leak Repair

Shingle roof Repair

Within Blackburn with Darwen, this type of roof is typically used on buildings such as houses and cottages.

Repairs that we will normally carry out on this type of roof includes the following:

  • Replacing roof tiles that have deteriorated or been damaged by weather.
  • Repairing broken roof ridge vents and chimney flashing joints on the outside of your home.
  • Checking for any general damage to the shingle battens, as these can sometimes be a factor in leaks from inside the house too. This is a good time to check any roof penetrations that may potentially cause leaks.
  • Fixing chimney problems, such as broken flashing around the chimney, or damaged ridge caps on your home’s roof.
  • Replacing blown shingle patches with new ones where necessary.


Tiled Roof Repair

Tiles are one of the most popular types of roofs in Blackburn, with many homes featuring this type of roofing material. Repairs that will normally be carried out on tiled roof includes replacing and re-bedding loose tiles, fixing roof leaks due to a problem with the flashing around your chimney or kitchen window. You know tiled roof repair is required when you see tiles starting to come loose and the roof is leaking.

In performing tiled roof repair, some of the activities our roofers may perform include:

  • Replacing old roofing materials with new ones: Roofers will replace any worn out roofs so that your home can stay insulated from weather conditions such as snow, rain or strong winds.
  • Patch up areas of damage on a damaged roof

Other problems that could necessitate tiled roof repair include:

  • Damaged roof tiles: A tiled roof repair is necessary when the roof tiles are cracked, broken or leaking.
  • Thawing of roof ice: Roofers will use special equipment to cover any areas where there is an accumulation of snow and water.
  • Leaky gutters or downpipes: Gutters that are blocked with debris can cause rainwater to overflow onto your roof, which could result in damage and leaks.
  • Damaged fascia boards: Fascia board repairs can be done to fix any wood around your chimney that has been damaged by high winds.
    Shingles blown off in storms and heavy snowfalls: Roofing companies will come and replace the shingles that have blown off your roof, as well as any other damaged tiles.
  • Fungal growths: These are more commonly found on older roofs but can still cause damage if not treated in time. A skilled roofer should be able to identify these problems with ease and offer a solution so they don’t become bigger problems.
  • Flashing leaks: These are often caused by roofing insulation that has moved or been damaged during the installation process, so you should never use it again.

If your roof is leaking then there’s no need to panic because a good roofer will be able to fix any problem and prevent them from happening again in the future. Contact us today: We are true experts in roofing repair: shed roof repair, felt roof repair, emergency repair, and the like.

What problems occur in Bitumen membrane type roofs?

Bitumens membranes are a particular kind of building material used as coverings for flat structures such as buildings, parking lots etc., where it serves both protective purposes (protects against heat, rain/water infiltration) and decorative purposes (provides protection from sun rays). They’re applied through spraying an asphalt based liquid on a structure’s surface. The coating then becomes semi-permeable to water, allowing it to seep through and evaporate off the material.
Bitumen membrane type roofs are constructed by placing a layer of tar over the roofing boards. The tar is used to seal any leaks and waterproof the shingle or tile roof. Bitumen membranes have a long life span and can be repaired in many ways depending on what is wrong with it. A bitumen membrane roof’s most common problem is tears that are usually patched with a new product.
The tar used to seal these types of roofs can start to break down and get brittle over time, making it susceptible for cracks and leaks which will inevitably lead to water damage. The good news is that a professional contractor should be able to apply another layer or something like foam insulation under the existing material so that it’s less prone to future damages; this also helps slow down any warmth loss through the roof since heat rises.

In summary, the following problems are observed in bitumen roofs:

  • Leaking seams in the roof’s insulation and underlayment. These leaks are often difficult to identify, so a professional should be engaged for an inspection.
  • Damage on the membrane from hail or high winds which can also make it more susceptible to water damage. It is then repaired by applying a new product called “Bitumen Membrane Repair Adhesive”.

How Bitumen membrane type roof are repaired

  • Reattaching the membrane with patches.
  • Applying a new product called “Bitumen Membrane Repair Adhesive”.
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