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Water on your ceiling
Water dripping from the walls

Debris clogging gutters
Accidental Roof Damage
Fire, Storm, Crash

Same day / 24-hour emergency call out response time

When you start to notice water pooling in the ceiling or dripping down the walls, emergency roofing is something that needs to be done as soon as possible. The best way to know if you have an emergency repair on your hands is by looking at the type of damage it has caused. Emergency roof repair can be a surprisingly quick process when the emergency is just one missing tile or some snow blocking your gutters, but sometimes such emergencies are caused by more major problems.

For instance, if you have recently experienced hail damage to your house then we will need to assess and fix this as quickly as possible before it becomes worse. If there’s been an accumulation of water in areas where previously all was dry (indicating that something has gotten into the structure) then emergency repairs may also be necessary here. Some of the emergency remedies we can implement include adding roofing felt to your existing shingles, installing a new section of roof, attaching metal sheeting over the damaged area and removed debris.

Water on your ceiling or dripping from the walls, this is a sign that there’s been an emergency in need of repairing. The first cause of emergency roofing is missing tiles or slates on your roof. If you notice that there are tiles or slates missing from the surface of the shingle (or if it’s a flat-roof) then call us for an emergency repair and we will be able to remedy this issue quickly. Another scenario that will necessitate emergency roof repair is if you have an older roof that is leaking. These leaks are often hidden, and if left unattended they will just become worse over time.

Heavy amounts of debris such as snow or leaves clogging gutters which prevents water drainage throughout the house.
You need an emergency roofer when sagging occurs in areas where there wasn’t before, which would indicate a weakness in structural integrity that could lead to greater damage later down the line without some reinforcement now!

Other emergency situations include when there’s been an electrical fire which has caused the damage to your roof, such as with lightning; or a car crashing into it; or any number of branches coming through the gravel membrane base thereby preventing water from being able to flow off properly leading to saturation in some areas where too much moisture can cause mold growth .

If you are experiencing emergency roofing problems it is important that you act quickly in order to minimize any further damage and prevent the situation from worsening. Emergency situations can arise at all times of day or night – so don’t wait! We offer 24-hour services because we know emergencies happen. The first thing our emergency roof repair specialist will do after assessing the problem on site with you (if they haven’t done this already) is determine what type of emergency needs fixing. We carry tarps and drip pans so you’ll never be without what’s needed when emergencies arise. Other tools we come along with are a tape measure, ladder and hammer. With regard to equipment, we use a power-driven roofing nailer and a gas powered generator because it is an emergency.

The tools we use most often are tarps and plywood because they’re easy to transport with us on site. So whether it means repairing damaged shingles from hail storms or fixing leaks caused by aging roofs- our experts will get the job done quickly with great care for your home!
We offer a wide range of services to meet every type of need.

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